Technical Vocational Schools

A Technical Vocational school is a trade school in which students are taught a particular job skill rather than education in general. It is basically training for a specific job. It is a relatively modern educational development due to changes in technology.[1] Some skills they offer to teach specifically include:[2]

Accounting, Automobile-Mechanics, Hairdressing, Electrolysis, Aesthetics, Secretarial Studies, Travel Careers, Starting Businesses, Professional Sales, Hotel Reception, Cabinet Making, Furniture Finishing, Electromechanics, Industrial Drafting, Computer Graphic Techniques, Digital Layouts and Printing, Welding, Professional Cooking and Food and Beverage Services.

Local Vocational Schools in the Montreal Area include:
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John F. Kennedy Business Center- Part of the E.M.S.B. (English Montreal School Board). Located: 3030 Villeray Street East, Montreal. They deal with any trades involving business, hence BUSINESS CENTER.
Laurier MacDonald Vocational Center - Part of the E.M.S.B. and offers career studies such as Hairdressing, Aesthetics, Health Choices and Mechanics. Located: 5025 Jean-Talon East, Montreal (St. Leonard)
Rosemount Technology Center - Main Campus - Part of the E.M.S.B. It provides instructions in English with full time day programs. It's focus is mainly on technalogical careers, hence TECHNOLOGY CENTER. Located: 3737 Baubien East, Montreal
Rosemount Technology Center - Curtis George Campus - Located: 10909 de Gariepy, Montreal
Shadd Business Center- Part of the E.M.S.B. It's main focus revolves around secretarial studuies, starting businesses and Accounting. Located: 1000 Old Orchard Ave.
St. Pius X Culinary Institute - Part of the E.M.S.B. It's main focus revolves primarily around Culinary Studies. Located: 9955 Papineau Ave., Montreal.