Professionalism is the ability, experience of education and the structure of someone’s skill as their own career, which they make money of what they do best as their living/profession. Being a professional does not necessarily mean being a performer, such as a singer, actress, hockey player or football player, it can just mean the quantity of performance that various according to your talent. [1]

Here is a list of behaviors that you will 100% need in the work force:

1. Integrity
2. Tolerance
3. Interpersonal relationships
4. Initiative
5. Dependability
6. Attitudes
7. Function under stress
8. Appearancej0422803.jpg
9. Confidentiality
10.Careful Delivery of Service

“Top Ten” characteristics fit into the definition of being Professional: [2]

1. Work independently and as a 'team player'......’you live as a group, you sink as a group.’

2. Dress for success!Like trying to keep jewelry, nail polish and especially make-up at a ‘low level’….remember first impressions are VERY important! Be careful about wearing ‘exposing’ clothing that may reveal inappropriate manners and that may show piercings or tattoos. Also, cut/shave/trim your hair or bread, keep your hair and body CLEAN! Most importantly make sure your clothes are clean (no stains) and ironed...hygiene is so important!

3. Ability to perform well under stressful or strict deadlines.

4. Communicate politely with co-workers, even though you DON’T like them…politeness and respective is the key!!!

5. Always be on time!!! Work for a FULL day and have a straight attendance B&PD.Web.Photo.Fall-07.jpgrecord!

6. Stay organized!

7. Show appreciation towards your co-workers who helped you learn the ‘ropes’ when you were new to your job, the first couple of days.

8. Be motivated and positive/competitive attitude/manners.

9. Body language and tone of your voice, which makes you, present yourself, your attitude and who you are.

10. Learn from your mistakes and take them into perspective. Ask for feedback from your co-workers and learn how to learn how to improve your defaults. ‘Continuous learning is the key to success.’ [3]professional_pastor.jpg

School is teaching us “professional” behavior by teaching skills like teamwork and listening to others, there are many more skills that school is teaching us so that one day we will get a good professional job. POP class teaches us about the workplace and what we will expected when we go for interviews. School teaches all of this and more, we maybe don’t know but they are teaching us skills that later we will benefit from.

When it comes to to what school is not teaching us when it comes to being professional in they the workplace, I think they are not teaching us how to read and understand graph charts, diagrams etc. They are also not letting use have enough experience working with others (teamwork).

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