Journal Writing & Blogging


Setting Goals:

Setting and writing down a personal goal for yourself is very important if you wish to actually accomplish them. By writing a personal goal down on paper, you will actually be driven to doing it instead of setting a goal, and never finishing it.


Self-reflection is a very important trait people must learn to get used to, just like I did. When you finish a job, homework or anything else, reflecting on your work can help you see if you did a good or bad job on it.

The Purpose of Reflecting in POP Class:

In POP class, you HAVE to set goals for yourself. It’s literally a must. The simple reason why you have to set goals is because the teacher doesn’t care if your behind on work, he’s just going to keep piling it on you. If you don’t finish your work before the new work comes in, you can start to get really behind and you’ll have a hard time finishing all the old work, which probably isn’t an important as the new work, on time to be handed in. Self-reflection is another MUST in POP class. If you just rush through your work without reflecting on it, you won’t really know if it’s your BEST work, because you’ve never really reflected on it or looked over it a second or even third time. By reflecting on your work, you can constantly improve it, enrich it and impress your teacher, and yourself.

Other Methods of Reflection:

There are many other ways we students in POP class can reflect on our work besides writing Journals and Blogs. Another way I reflect on things is to either re-read it or send it to a fellow classmate for his/her opinion on it, that’s the way I do it.

These are a list of questions similar to some of the ones my teacher asks us when we write a journal. I find having these questions make journal writing a lot easier. Here are some for you.

Guiding Questions:

What is something you do well?
What is something you wish to improve upon?
What is something negative about your working techniques?
What is something positive about your working techniques?
Did you double check your work?
Send your work to some of your teachers and friends and see if they have any comments on where you can improve.