The Cegep was founded in 1967.There are 48 Colleges in Quebec. The Colleges represent the first stage of higher education. Students enter College after completing six years of elementary school and five years of secondary school. Cegeps goes along with cultural, sports, community and socially relevant activities that help the students overall education and turn some of these schools into real cultural centres of attraction in their respective regions. Today it is necessary for people to have Diploma of Collegial Studies in order to enter a job that is increasingly demanding about qualifications and to play their role as informed citizens in a more and more complex society.

List of Colleges:
Vanier college
The basic requirement for admissions to any program at Dawson college is a Quebec diploma of secondary studies.That includes secondary V language of instructions, Secondary V Second language, Secondary IV physical science,Secondary IV Mathematics and Secondary IV history.


Dawson College
LaSalle College
Cegep Marie-Victorin